Entry in ‘the Dictionary of Artists in Britain’ by David Buckman published 1998

IRVINE, Robert Scott (aka “Otto”), RSW (1933); painter in watercolour; formerly principal art master at George Watson's College; born Edinburgh, 16 March 1906; Son of Robert Irvine, art master at Portobello School Edinburgh; Married Elizabeth, D.A. (1954); one son, Henry James Scott Irvine. Educated at George Heriots, Edinburgh studied art at Edinburgh College of Art (1922-27). Exhibited RSA, RSW, SSA, etc. provinces, America, Canada etc; most recent one non shows: Douglas & Foulis Gallery, Edinburgh (1973), Gallery Paton (1975), Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh (1978).

Work in permanent Collections: Aberdeen Municipal Gallery, Dundee Municipal Gallery, RSA Edinburgh. Most recent official purcchases as above. Club: Scottish Arts (President. 1951-53) Director & Organiser of the Pernod sponsored “Young Scottish Artists Competitions” (1967-1977). Died in Edinburgh 3.9.88 - & RSW's ‘most senior member’. Obituary in the 109th RSW programme. Obituary in “The Scotsman” 7.9.88.

Signed, works, R Scot Irvine