A Pool, Dichty Burn reviews - 1930

Dundee Courier

A Newcomer

Some of the water-colours of Mr. R. Scott Irvine, a newcomer to the exhibition at Dundee's Municipal Art Galleries, show the draughtmanship and rare handling of colour 'A Pool, Dichty Burn' is a delightful little picture.

Edinburgh Evening News

Attractive Water-Colours.

Mr R. Scott Irvine's name is unknown to the present writer, but he is, to be included among the newcomers whose work attracts attention among so much that is familiar. He handles water-colour with a very considerable amount of sensibility; he is good and has an eye for colour. 'A Pool, Dichty Burn' 'Cirlce of Trees' and other of his water-colours are delightful things. Paul Nash and other moderns have apparently influenced him, but there is an individualitv and freshness in his, work.