The old Roman Bridge near Glen Esk 1927

Courtesy of Gill Troup

Title & Date Unknown Circa 1920's

Courtesy of S Grant

Seven Arches, Angus, Late 1930's

Courtesy of Andrew Sutcliffe

Farm Steading, Mid Lothian, 1950's

Courtesy of Andrew Sutcliffe

The old Roman Bridge near Glen Esk 1927

Courtesy of Gill Troup

The Sleeping Warrior, Arran

Courtesy of Douglas

RSA exhibition to Include Derelict Quarry by Robert Scott-Irvine in January 2009

Derelict Quarry in RSW Exhibition from 1st to 31st of January 2009

Glen Sligathan, Sky. 1936.

Courtesy of Zephra Pavlitska

Skye Loch Alsh

Skye Loch Alsh

Twin Monkeypuzzles, Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh 1973

Haystacks, Fife

Loch Lomand (painted in 1968: purchased in 1978)

25cm high x 35 wide
Courtesy of Hamish Haswell-Smith


The property of my great grandfather Nathaniel Scott -his second property on Arran, his previous home being Hill Croft Lochranza as seen in the watercolour of the same name, currently owned by Aberdeen City Art Gallery. North Newton was last seen in Reading some sixty years ago. Does anyone know who owns this painting now?

Plockton RSW Exhibition, 1945

The first in a series of several paintings of Plockton. This was owned by Alec Weston. This article from the Scotsman newspaper at the time.

Rockcliff Solway, 1933

This was owned by the late Dr Richard Bignold, of Edinburgh.

Winter Lamancha RSW, 1950

This picture from the Scotsman newspaper at the time.

“On Rosebery Estate”. 1981 Courtesy of Bruce Logan

George Heriot's School, Edinburgh, by pupil Robert Scott Irvine aged 17, 1923

George Watson's College, Myreside Pavilion, Edinburgh, 1973/74

Border Landscape, 1975. Sold at McTears Auctioneers, Glasgow 24/11/07

Scots Firs Killin


Birches Above Killiecrankie (1950's)

Plockton II & Redgate

Plockton Watercolour

Edinburgh Evening News - 8/10/07

Edinburgh Evening News, 8th January 2007

read the article at the Scotsman Online

Antiques Trade Gazette Article

A letter from the Curator of the National War Muse...

04/06/2006 You may remember my mentioning to you in a previous email that your "Deadly Nightshade" piece might be connected with (inspired by?) the crashed Messerschmitt Bf109e (1190) that now resides in the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. This connection is difficult to truly establish, but I believe I have come across some circumstantial evidence; Stuart Allan thought you might appreciate it. In a special publication by the Edinburgh Evening News ("Edinburgh at War", Oct 1999) is reproduced a photograph of this very aircraft, as it was being displayed on Princes Street, Edinburgh. The Royal Academy itself is even visible, to the right of frame. I was previously aware that the Kent 109 had been displayed north of the border; it certainly "did the rounds" before being sent overseas to drum up support for the Fighting Planes Fund and the war effort in general, in the US and Canada. The aircraft today still shows the incised graffiti left in its skin by the various residents of its tour destinations in 1940/41. I'm told that they could pay a small fee to add write their name on the enemy's property!

Jonathan Ferguson, Assistant Curator, Military History, National Museums of Scotland
National War Museum of Scotland

Portrait of Robert Scott Irvine by William G. Gillies CBE

courtesy of the Scottish Arts Club Edinburgh, 2007


Apologies for the delay in sending this. It was pinched from your Dad's classroom easel at some point around 1969. I aye admired his ability to demonstrate any classroom exercise with total ease and skill and using only classroom chalks. I now realise of course that all his students then did was copy what he had drawn. Very different to Room 13 practice: which even so owes much of its thinking to George Watsons College, Edinburgh.

I trust it is of some interest! Rob Fairley, Edinburgh.

Courtesy of Rodderick Fairly whom my father taught at George Watsons College in 1938. These pictures were purchased.

Kirkby, Ravensworth 1952

Comments & Response

I would like to congratulate you on a charming and interesting site dedicated to a fantastic artist. My father, Gregor Grant was also a hill climber and i would imagine that they may have met although he went to the Glasgow school of art and then went on to draw for the glasgow herald. My mother spent her honeymoon at a scottish hillclimb in 1938 so i found the photos very interesting.
I wish you luck in tracing your father' work.
best wishes,

Simone Grant, Scotland

Absolutely brilliant. What a work! Congratulations.

Les Howie, Editor of the Watsonian Magazine,
George Watsons College, Edinburgh, Scotland

This is an excellent web site.

Lucia Lindsay,
The Fleming Collection & Art Gallery, London, England

It's really super! What a marvelous tribute to your father!

B. L. Lowe, Thistle Fine Art,
Rockport, MA, USA

Really liked the site Henry! A job well done

Carl Nestor, Website Editor,
atgmedia - Antiques Trade Gazette

Have looked at the RSI website. Very impressive site!

Tom Hewlett,
The Portland Gallery, St James, London

Excellent site. Your dad would be so proud!

Barbara Murricane, Murricane & Murricane,
Television Post Production, Glasgow, Scotland

The site is really lovely and very informative - very good functionality - e.g. the slide show of paintings is much easier to view than the usual kind of gallery! Good stuff. What's the plan now?

Tony White, Interdisciplinary Arts Department,
Arts Council, England

The site is truly impressive.
It must have taken you ages to research.
I am reminded of what a lovely guy he was and of the many happy times we
spent in the (Scottish) Arts Club. I'll contact you again once I've absorbed it all. Well done.

Alastair Reid - Film & Television Director,
Somerset, England

Very nice Henry, loved the music too, that's what we need more clarinet.........

Jeff Dexter, Impresario,
London, England

How are you dear boy? Thriving it seems. I love your site!

Simon Heyworth, Super Audio Mastering,
Chagford, Devon. UK

What a great website....really nicely done and the pictures and photos are beautifully romantic. Congratulations !

Jill Forrest Collections Support Assistant,
The School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University

the website really is beautifully done - very impressive....

Marc Collins, MD,
The Yard W1 Ltd, Television Post Production

I'm very impressed with both the site and your father's work.

Hugh Alsop,
Glasgow, Scotland

This is a really lovely site, Henry. Of course, it has great possibilities

Susan Collins, Film Maker,
London, England

Thanks for your email and the attachment re. your Father. It is really interesting and has me all fired up with enthusiasm too!! I found one of the paintings on google ("Riff Mountain Croft" - Thistle Fine Art, Rockport, MA) which appeals to me very much (I suppose you know about this one??).

Michael Main, Art Dealer & Art Gallery Owner,
Glasgow & The Isle of Arran

The web site just seemed to expand before my eyes. Excellent work old chap. In fact brought back some very fond memories of your old man. Some great photos! Your web master seems to know what he's doing. The more links you have the better, so I believe!

Gordon Brown (Not the UK Prime Minister),
Edinburgh, Scotland