I would like to congratulate you on a charming and interesting site dedicated to a fantastic artist. My father, Gregor Grant was also a hill climber and i would imagine that they may have met although he went to the Glasgow school of art and then went on to draw for the glasgow herald. My mother spent her honeymoon at a scottish hillclimb in 1938 so i found the photos very interesting.
I wish you luck in tracing your father' work.
best wishes,

Simone Grant, Scotland


Absolutely brilliant. What a work! Congratulations.

Les Howie, Editor of the Watsonian Magazine,
George Watsons College, Edinburgh, Scotland


This is an excellent web site.

Lucia Lindsay,
The Fleming Collection & Art Gallery, London, England


It's really super! What a marvelous tribute to your father!

B. L. Lowe, Thistle Fine Art,
Rockport, MA, USA thistlefineart.com


Really liked the site Henry! A job well done

Carl Nestor, Website Editor,
atgmedia - Antiques Trade Gazette